Finding my own place in the conflict

During the past few years, I have learned a lot (or tried to learn) about the Middle East Conflict/Arab-Israeli Conflict/ Israeli-Palestinian Conflict etc etc… I’ve learned that both sides make big, life changing mistakes. I’ve also learned that it is impossible to believe everything the media says. In an ideal world, the media would report simply to let us know the truth – but in our world, every media outlet has their own agenda and if spinning a story a certain way will allow them more access to future stories, then they will do it. And sometimes the ability to talk to terrorists is what the media wants – not always to justify their actions but to claim a coveted spot in the hierarchy of media outlets (the more evil the terrorist, the more coveted the interview, the more respected the media).

At the end of the day, I still have hesitations. I read the papers and I find flaws in their understandings and their insinuations. I find flaws in the history of the conflict – who started what? who is to blame? can we even place blame? And it just makes me want to learn more. Maybe I’m only searching for the answers I want to hear, the answers I’ve been taught from birth – or maybe I’ll put aside my feelings and just search for some semblance of truth.

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