Monthly Archives: June 2010

The return to the not-so-holy land

So a few weeks ago, I returned to Canada from my five month voyage to Israel (and a brief stop in Zurich, Switzerland). I already miss the language, hearing little kids speak hebrew, the great food, the sensuous smells, the chaos and the holiness. But being home has its comforts too – its nice to host others, rather than always being hosted and its great to continue my ‘real’ life, get excited for the summer and start my great internship.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve realized that it’s hard to remember everything you learned abroad. It’s easy to forget you spent five months in another country, learning and growing from others around you. What I’ve learned is that all the answers I thought I would have by now don’t exist. I’ve learned that I have more questions – about the Arab-Israeli conflict, about the future of Israel, about the value of education and about the possibility of world travel and new experiences. I may not have all the answers, but I feel I have gained from my time abroad, enough to know that those experiences were valuable and necessary for my education. And when I bring them back to my final year of my undergraduate study program, I know I can make a meaningful contribution to my academic career and the educational institute I will be in.