Bake sales in a dog-eat-dog world

When I was ten, I spent a summer making horrible, overpriced lemonade and selling it to my friendly neighbours (my best customers were my parents). After a long hard day of work, (I was working a 2-4 pm workday), I would show my parents my hard-earned money, often making over twenty dollars in one day! I know this wouldn’t even buy me a bag of chips in today’s day and age, but ten years ago, I would happily count my quarters and consider myself a working businesswoman.

The days of making an easy twenty bucks from a lemonade or bake sale are, sadly, over. Today, my brothers spent three hours making delicious cupcakes (even with homemade icing!) and great lemonade. They spent about half an hour at the local plaza, where they only made a dollar, and another two hours at the park, where they made around fifteen dollars (four of which were mine).

Selling cupcakes isn’t as easy at is looks. In today’s world, we’re reluctant to try anything homemade – for fear some crazy person has gotten a hold of a batch or because the sugar content might be too high or maybe because even talking to strangers is such an unthinkable thing (I used to approach soccer moms and dads in the park, asking them to buy my lemonade but overcoming the fear of talking to someone your parents have trained you not to approach is practically impossible – not that I recommend buddying up to strangers).

Buying cupcakes from a kid and seeing their face light up doesn’t have the same appeal it used to. Can a kid’s freshly squeezed lemonade compete with Aroma’s ice cappuccino? Monopoly, folks.

I guess the only advice I can give my brothers – and other kids hoping to make a couple bucks this summer – is to get out there and fight. Whether its selling cupcakes or competing for a promotion, the work ethic is the same. And it starts at your homemade bake sale.

And hey, who can really resist the smell of a freshly baked chocolate cupcake?


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